Vaseekaranam is a Hindu Tantrik Method to attract others. This technique is used to attract other boys or girls for love, financial, or other reasons. This method is very useful for those suffering from love problems. Sarwa vasyam is another method related Vaseekaranam. This method is used to achieve Vaseekaran Face. People always like this person with out any reason.

Benefits of Vaseekaranam:

Vaseekaranam Pooja ( Rituals ) is performed to attract a man or a woman. Vashikana pooja is mainly performed to get a man or a woman. This pooja is performed by tantrikas who have attained siddhi by performing severe fasts. So this is a pooja system that gives quick results for all devotees. This pooja can be performed for those who have lost a boyfriend or girlfriend, or for those who have lost a wife or husband. This pooja is done to attract business partners or work partners.

Vishnumaya Vaseekarana pooja

Sri Vishnu is the son of Shiva worshiped by the people of Kerala. Lord Vishnu is the youngest son among the 390 children born to Lord Shiva and Goddess Koolivaka. Vishnu is a deity who is immediately pleased when worshipped. Vishnumaya is Chathan Swami who fulfills any wish of the devotees.Therefore, Vishnumaya’s vashikaran yantra is a worshiped yantra that gives quick results. This yantra is worshiped by performing the vashikaran puja of Lord Vishnumaya. Vaishikanam pooja of Vishnumaya can be performed without making a yantra.

Karimkutti Chathan Vaseekarana Pooja

Karimkutty Chatan is one of the deities worshiped by the people of Kerala. Karimkutty Chatan is the eldest son born to Lord Shiva and Goddess Bhadrakali. Karimkutty Chatan is angry but also kind. If Karikutty Chatan is worshiped and pleased with proper methods, the result is sure. Karikutty pleases Chatan to get rid of enemy-affected evils and to get back the partner.Karikutty chatan pooja is the pooja that gives the fastest results. For those who have lost their girlfriend or boyfriend, for those who have lost their husband or wife, Karimkutty Vashikana Pooja can be performed. The faith of the devotee is important while doing this puja.


The tantric technique of sarwavasyam is used to become an attractive person. Everyone obeys the words of one who has mastered this art. Other persons respect and obey this person. It becomes the owner of a personality that all women are attracted to. This blessing can be used in work place, business field, family field, love life and among friends.

Vaseekaran Yantra used

This Vaseekaran Yantra is used to attract a person if they have any needs. We can attract boys or girl using these Hindu tantrik techniques. This Vaseekaran Yantra was designed in a metal frame using mantras. This yantra having such an amazing power to attract girls and boys. This yantra is very useful for those suffering from love problems, family problems, business problems, and relationship problems. 


1. How to book the pooja?
Call 9400318066 to book the pooja
2. What is the price of Vaseekaran Pooja?
The pooja cost depends upon the situation of the devotee
3. How can I see my pooja?
Online pooja is available or you can come directly in the temple to see the pooja
4. What types of information do you need to do this Pooja?
Name, date of birth, birth time, birth place and photo
5. Do you provide any guarantee for the result?

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