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The blessings of Lord Vishnumaya, the Kalikala Murthy who brings an end to all troubles and miseries, and helps to solve your love problems. The benevolent Lord Vishnumaaya Swami is the youngest son of the 390 Chathans of Goddess Parvati in the form of Koolivaga and Lord Siva.
In Vadakkumpuram Sree Vishnumaya Devasthanam, the Vishnumaya swami temple faces the north side in the form Kubeera. So people called Vadakkumpuram Vishnumaya is a Kubera Vishnumaya. Lord Vishnumaya Chathan Swami, who removes the problems of the sorrowful……..

Lord Vishnumaya blessing is a permanent solution to love problems and family problems. Endowed with Nitya Karmas and Homadi Karmas, the Vadakkumpuram Sree Vishnumaya Swami Temple helps make your dreams come true. Those who want to do the Ishta Pooja of Lord Vishnuma Swamy can visit the temple or book the pooja online.

Old Traditional Love & Family Problem Solution
Vishnumaya Swami Temple

Solutions For Love/ Relationship, Family Problems

Love Marriage Problem - Love Problem Solution Tantrik

Love Marriage Problem

Temple performs a special saktheya pooja called sarwa Aishwarya pooja to solve your love problems.  The Saktheya pooja is effective for lost love back and other love problems. 

Disturbed Married Life

Are you experiencing marital problems? Conflicts with partners or partner parents are affecting daily family life. Do you want to stop such problems? Vishnumaya Swami Pooja solves your marriage-related problems and ensures a happy and peaceful married life.

Inter Cast Marriage - Love Problem Solution Tantrik

Inter Cast Marriage

The inter-caste marriages have been gradually gaining acceptance due to increasing education, employment, middle-class economic background, and urbanisation.
Husband & Wife Issue - Love problem solution tantrik

Husband & Wife Issue

Temple performs a special saktheya pooja to solve husband and wife issues. Special saktheya rituals are highly effective for solving husband and wife issue 

Get Parent's Approval - Love Problem Solution Tantrik

Get Parent's Approval

Parents’ approval is always important for every marriage. Parents’ approval helps to help to support the financial stability of family life. Special rituals help to get parents’ approval for your marriage. 

Divorce Problem

Stop your divorce with special rituals and homams. Pray or do pooja at Vishnumaya temple and stop your divorce.  

Special Homams For Love,Marriage & Family Problem Solution

Strong Vasheekaran


Vasiyam or vasheheekaran is used to attract persons.

THE POWER of real Kerala Vasiyam and kerala manthirigam and black magic. Thandrigam can help life and love one back to you and help you to become successful and wealthy. Many hearts are broken all day and many people suffer in vain do not be one of them lets me help you with your case. Vishnumaya Kuttichathan powerful Kerala Vasiyam can solve all problems.

Sarwaaiswarya pooja for love problem solution


For marriage, love and family problems

Vadakkumpuram Sree Vishnumaya Deavasthanam Performing serwaaiswaryapooja to solve marriage, love, and family problems. This pooja is done for the deities of Badrakali, Vishnumaya Kuttichathan, Karimkuttichathan, and Muthappan. This pooja is very useful in solving all problems and for the prosperity of the family. 

Perfect Solution For Love, Marriage & Family problems

Need not worry about those who are not able to come directly, will perform poojas and after will send Yantra, prasadam and pooja details to devotees address by courier (for more details contact by phone). You can reveal your problems to Temple Office in English, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, or Hindi

Vishnumaya Saktheya pooja for love and black magic problems

“Vishnumaya Saktheya” Pooja For Love, Marriage & Family Problem Solution & Black Magic Removal

Performing this PoojaVaseekarana pooja )can offer a protective shield against unfavorable factors that affect your Love, Relationship, Marriage, Career, Wealth, and happiness, and help set right the problems in your life. Vishnumaya is a powerful God endowed with immense wisdom and energy. , he is ever vigilant and stands as a guardian to the residents.” Sree Vishnumaya Swami, the divine child of “Lord Siva” & “Parvathy Devi” disguised as Koolivaka, who wished to live with the human beings amid the suffering and misery, is the main deity of Vadakkumpuram Sree Vishnumaya Devasthanam”. it is said that he answers the prayers of his devotees almost immediately. His propensity to drive away pain and sufferings endears him to his worshippers, and performing a Poojain his honor vanquishes the dark forces of evil, falsehood, and treachery from our surroundings.

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Sree Nath
Sree Nath
Very good experiance . Great ambiance and peacefull for our mind. I got good experience from this temple.
Muhsina Sidhike
Muhsina Sidhike
sameena ep
sameena ep
It was a good place
Sujith Sujith
Sujith Sujith
midhun ka
midhun ka
Sangeetha Amal
Sangeetha Amal
🙏Vadakkumpuram Sree vishnumaya Devasthanam
Rinto Varghese
Rinto Varghese
Good atmosphere



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